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excluding inflation and deflation period

Le 9 August 2014, 04:16 dans Humeurs 0

(CNFIN.COM/XINHUA08.COM)-- held on the 7th of 2014 Boao Real Estate Forum, National Economic Research Institute, Fan Gang, professor of economics at Peking University that China macroeconomic and real estate market is back to normal.Fan Gang said the first half of this year, China's GDP growth rate dropped to 7.4 percent, the economy is not goodbye to the high growth into the low growth, but rather a return to the normal development of the state. Over the past two decades, China's economic growth rate of over 9%, it is prone to inflation, asset bubbles and other phenomena. 2007 14% of the high growth rate has not only brought inflation, as well as property and stock market bubble.Fan Gang believes that excluding inflation and deflation period, China's nike free 4.0 v2 australiaeconomic growth should be normal between 7% -9%. From this perspective, the current macroeconomic goodbye to overheating, a return to normal growth, which is a good thing.Fan Gang believes that the real estate market over the past era of money lying is not normal, and now also in the real estate market trends return to normal process, there are ups and downs of the market, there are companies in the survival of the fittest. Population inflow region, after all, the real estate market supply and demand will adjust and eventually tend towards equilibrium; but in the population outflow region, especially in this round of adjustment exposed tier cities, the real estate market may be difficult to adjust the relationship between supply and demand imbalance . Nevertheless, Fan Gang of the Chinese economy and the property market is still biased optimistic future, he pointed out, not a hard landing for the Chinese economy, the collapse of the property market can not, in fact, macroeconomic and

real estate have a soft landing, there is no large-scale bankruptcies, but In mergers and acquisitions in the adjustment.Taiyuan rumors for a long time to cancel the purchase of real estate news settled. Taiyuan City Housing Authority on the same day announced a restriction on the adjustment of the city's housing policy to promote the healthy development of the real estate market opinions of the provincial capital, which made it clear that the future does not need to buy a house in Taiyuan provide housing material, but also no longer required to provide tax or proof of social security. Taiyuan become a city to cancel the purchase.Over the past nearly a month, Cancel restriction has become one of the most high-frequency words of the property market. From nike free 5.0 v4 salemid-July to early August, after nearly 20 cities have been adjusted restriction policy.Keer Rui According to statistics, as of the end of July, the purchase of 46 cities, 21 cities have been canceled or adjusted restriction policy.However, after adjusting the purchase of the policy of cities and regions all around the purchase of fuss. July 31, announced that the Finance Bureau of Chengdu, the Sichuan Provincial Department of Finance decided that from between 1 July 2014 to 31 December 2014, financial institutions in accordance with national policies and regulations to households in the administrative area of ??Sichuan Province the first time to buy their ordinary commercial loans, and loan interest rate of not more than (including) the People's Bank published benchmark lending rate over the same period, according to the financial institution issuing the actual conditions of the loan amount in line with 3% give financial assistance.Direct financial subsidies to support the

market, Sichuan or first. Pine Siyuan Zhang, director of the real estate business strategy analysis, since the implementation of differentiated market regulation policy, policy adjustments according to market conditions is already a common practice. Like north to Guangzhou-Shenzhen cities such as relaxation possibilities restriction little, however, the central government two control third-tier cities have been gradually liberalized, acquiesced to adjust or relaxed restriction policy, some second and third tier cities in order to ease the excess supply of the risk of accumulation, will take certain measures.Keer Rui According to statistics, as of the end of nike free 3.0 v5 womens saleJuly, the purchase of 46 cities, 21 cities have been canceled or adjusted restriction policy. Which expressly adjust or cancel the purchase of cities: Nanning, Hohhot, Jinan, Haikou, Xi'an, Hangzhou, Ningbo; but no express provision in all kinds of ways (such as verbal notification, seminars convey etc.) has indeed relaxed cities: Wenzhou , Wuhan, Suzhou, Wuxi, Xuzhou, Guiyang, Tianjin, Changchun, Quzhou, Nanchang, Chengdu, Xiamen, Urumqi, Fuzhou 15.From June 10 in Shenyang, locals and outsiders can purchase multiple residential units to Taiyuan 'future does not need to buy a house in Taiyuan provide housing material, but also no longer required to provide proof of tax or social security , combing has been officially announced or Indeed adjustment restriction policy of the city, not difficult to find, purchase of adjustment policies in various cities showed a differentiated restriction feature: the

lead to a large number of corporate

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problem is that government intervention in the economy unduly real fundamental strategy is to optimize the macro-economic policy-making.The central government can not easily use the fast track control means, reducing the use of industrial policies to reduce structural control, go back to the economic laws, return to the monetary and fiscal policies. In particular, the central no longer like the end of 2008 as a means to stimulate the economy and take on those projects should not have approved the release of the assault.Back to the deadbeat government micro-processing up, from places where debt should not be returned to the place they do not play the old way by the central scapegoat, and that will further the growth of the local government deficit spending, for large projects and competitive impulses, the formation of local governments to spend big, bad expectations the central pay. Especially during the performance in the tournament, will generate a lot of investment behavior of the Great Leap Forward, which is a healthy development of the whole country is extremely unfavorable. Central does not save, it will lead to a large number of corporate nike free 3.0 v4 womensbankruptcies; central attempt to save, the outbreak can only delay the problem, but it will increase the impact of the problem.Of course, he served as former officials also stated that some local officials believe this will inhibit successor who made achievements of the ambitious aim successor unfair. To get convinced that the law must be effectively enforced. Qianzhaihaiqian is right and proper thing, the government is no exception.Legal Evening News Celebrity aroused concern only between the moment, would not hesitate to Li Ka-shing recently pushed to the cusp.First, it is a new building long Tai Po, New Territories Arashiyama on sale this week, quietly salable area of ??177 square feet in size (equivalent to 16 square meters), setting a new disc, small family of

record. He criticized the media make their last penny, small enough to be comparable to the size of Hong Kong prison solitary confinement (7.5 m2); another yes, snail developed long lines, the extension of the land development period from 6 years to 10 years, ranging has been Doulou out meal bombarded by the media.The former family denounce a commercial level, pony temporarily evaluated. The latter's hoard door is real offense. Has been actively supporting the local media as Li Ka-shing how the nation-building And Hutchison Whampoa's annual report, the company projects in the Mainland to complete one percent develop mostly require more than four years, some of the project development cycle even close to 30 years.The beginning of the list after list of 330 Shanghai idle land, the Land Department released 1457 National idle land blacklist, Li Ka-shing's long lines once again nike flyknit trainer buy onlineone of them.See here can not help someone to ask, Li Ka-shing a hoard on it Not develop the country took to abound, more than two years more to go. And this situation is similar to Li Ka-shing has not been punished a few were recovered. Father Lee was traced out, you can say Who is the richest man, Who you are a Hong Kong enterprises, Who you are concerned about the high yet.Do hoard serious national matter what Pipe, tube and is not only a combination of punches. During the 1994 launch of Urban Real Estate Administration Law, in 1999 and released idle land disposal methods. To 2009, even under the land department also had four shields, where on intensive land use notice, the first clearly defined relatively strict idle cost standards for land idle for two years, according to the law to recover unpaid resolutely to recover unpaid or

 re-arrange to use.Why hoarding phenomenon has not decreased First, the main developer of a decade of growth in interest comes from the land. Land prices are rising every year, which means the sooner the better to get the land, the longer the time to hoard land value of the space is bigger. For example, Father Li Yu Chui Court project in Shanghai, the last phase of the prices have been more than 20 times the original floor price. Such a large interest of space, for profit-driven developers how nature can not greedy Secondly, the local government also exacerbated this phenomenon over-reliance on land finance. Local government and housing prices there are a number of brands such competing relationship. And sometimes when introducing enterprises, local governments can be said for ages, in this relationship a natural disadvantage. Moreover, compared with the more favorable conditions to attract foreign investors in the local government opened, extending the life of the land development can only be a piece of cake.Finally, adidas spring blade saleChina's relevant laws and regulations to implement too humane. A boss involved in overseas housing prices had to pony lamented his inability to adapt in other countries. The reason is simple, the real estate development process should be limited to a number of laws and regulations, which the country very different. And similar to hoard such a thing, in the country, as long as the time limit required by the government, the development of a symbolic thing, you can circumvent the policy risk.In short, we should really stop hoarding phenomenon, on the one hand, we must increase the constraints on developers from selling the system, and increase their cost of holding land; on the other hand, the local government to change its revenue structure, to hoard to crack down on corporate giving, and then let the area of ??supply of land supply into the house as soon as possible.Boao

other reasons arrears construction

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such problems, but an increase in the transparency of this point is very important.Legal Evening News that deadbeat government agencies do not have to be the people called official Lai. Economic Information Daily reporters recently interviewed in Guangxi, Guangdong, Shandong and other places learned that some local governments to take the construction side Loaning, BT projects, joint venture, etc., were municipal and infrastructure, but financial difficulties and other reasons arrears construction side of debt, causing part of the construction side in trouble, these government creditors' debts repeatedly failed, had to borrow to pay wages for migrant workers usury and debt interest, and some companies overwhelmed, on the verge of bankruptcy, and some people even nike free 3.0 v4 australiacommit suicide.????There are chances the central payRelevant government authorities deadbeat, IOUs are not also news every year that distinguish the role of government and civil relations between the executive and the role of government in the analysis of the legal nature of the necessity and repay government debt have been public knowledge. Interesting question is whether the government's account is what Lai account  The early years of government borrowing Repudiation mainly public funds, feasting formed. With the expansion of land finance, various local government financial situation improved, with meals which is already a drizzle, coupled with the central mass line educational practice to carry out activities, like eating IOUs ultimate deadbeat cases greatly reduced. Things

such as the Bureau of new chess game, the recent outbreak Repudiation of government showing a new form.After the 2008 subprime crisis, China introduced economic stimulus policy, for which the local government began to comparisons on large projects, desperately investment. But because local governments do not have sufficient financial resources, coupled with the local nike free 3.0 v5 australiagovernment and not be able to direct borrowing, many local governments adopted a construction side Loaning this end, BT projects, joint venture, etc., launched a large number of municipal and infrastructure.However, the growth rate of local financial resources is limited, unable to make payments after the project goes into operation, only defaulted debt. Seriousness of the problem is that the construction side during construction because Loaning facing a huge funding gap, only to higher interest rates to borrow, if the government does not pay the price, will inevitably lead to the construction companies overwhelmed, only to bankruptcy, some who committed suicide because of the back section nowhere phenomenon appeared in recent years. Seriousness of the problem lies in the construction side is not easy to obtain credit support from banks, many of the construction side or find security company guarantees, or resort to private lending, once the construction companies do not receive government funds, will lead the entire

capital chain crash, Sichuan and other places have a lot of security companies therefore on the verge of bankruptcy.In the top-down policy implementation, we observed is usually orders and prohibitions policy infarction, this year's State Council executive meeting also repeatedly will strengthen the implementation of central policies place as the meeting agenda. However, when the central take control policy, but there will be questions over the implementation of the local government. For example, in response to the financial crisis, the central government introduced a 4 trillion investment plans, but each province has announced plans to invest up to 18 nike free 4.0 v2 womens saletrillion.The reason for excessive execution, because: In performance evaluation, officials must increase fixed investment will have faster economic growth, more jobs, will have a better performance; addition, although the central been SBC in solving problems, but still has a central local government pay for luck; say, once job promotion, leaving the mess which it has no relationship, and latecomers to the new government to ignore the old accounts can easily shirk off debt.Lack of sense of integrity and spirit of the contractGovernment Repudiation each case are that there will need to incorporate the legal control of the government, to strengthen the government's sense of integrity and spirit of the contract. But this government and the previous government IOUs Repudiation essentially different, simply focus on the spirit of the contract, the government's credit is of no avail. The root cause of the

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